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Valley of The Kings Luxor, Egypt

INR 2870

Valley of Kings is actually a burial site of pharaohs belonging to new Egypt kingdom of 1539–1075 is situated on the west bank of famous Nile's river near Luxor. It looks quite mysterious with the presence of mummies of dead kin

Valley of The Queens Luxor, Egypt

INR 2170

The valley of Queens ia also located near Valley of Kings on the west bank of Nile's river in Luxor.The historical place particularly contains the tombs of Queens of New Egypt kingdom,but there are also placed the tombs of other important me

Valley of The Nobles Luxor, Egypt

INR 2170

This place is dedicated to the other nobel and honourable people of new Egypt Kingdom like prophet,treasurer,governerof state,astromoner etc. whose tombs has been established here.Tomb of Ramose,Amenemope,Userhet,Khaemhet,Sennofer,Neferronpet an

The Temple of Medinat Habu Luxor, Egypt

INR 2520

Medinat Habu was known as Djanet in ancient times.The temple is dedicated to Amun and was built by the rulers of 20th Dynasty.You will see beautiful Migdol tower to enter into the temple.Inside temple there is a broad open courtyard in front of

Karnak Temple Luxor, Egypt

INR 2870

Luxor is famous for its temples and Karnak temples here are world famous.This temple actually contains almost two dozen temples within ,out of which Temple of Amun, is most spectacular.The temple is quite big in area.It reflects the skill and sp

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