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The Pyramids of Giza & the Sphinx Giza, Egypt

INR 3570

The pyramids of Giza are the first attraction for every person touring Egypt.There are basically three main pyramids,which were built 2550 B.C.The amazing thing is that these are all man made and without the help of any cranes etc.Sphinx is a hi

The step Pyramid at Saqqara Giza, Egypt

INR 2170

Step pyramid at Saqqara is probably the first pyramid of world.This is actually a tomb of king Djoser, ruled in third dynasty.It consists of six tarraces stacked over each other with a total height of 60 meters.Its  magnificent architecture

New tombs of Sakkara(Saqqara) Giza, Egypt

INR 1470

In 1999,some new tombs were discovered by the archeologists team.Since these were found to belong to 1400 BC,the earlier ones relatives to Old tombs structures,so called as New Kingdom tombs of Sakkara.The artifactual beauty of the place is of h