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Cairo Museum & Mummies room in Cairo Museum Cairo, Egypt

INR 2870

Cairo museum is probably the second most visited place by the tourists in Egypt.There are kept six gold gilded coffins and glorious death mask of King Tutankhamun,which instantly attract the visitors.Also the famous Royal mummies room is also th

Islamic Museum Cairo, Egypt

INR 2170

The Islamic museum in cairo is world famous for the antique islamic monuments.Particularly the wooden work,metal work,glass work,ceramics,stone artifacts and textiles are just awesome.Museum also contains the wonderful astrolabes,medical tools,i

The Citadel of Saladin Cairo, Egypt

INR 2520

The Citadel of Saladin is one of most historical places of Egypt.Once upon a time it was ruling state of Egypt.This magnificient military architecture was built by Salah al-Din al-Ayyubiin 12th century.The citadel also contains some antique and

The Virgin Mary Tree in Matria Cairo, Egypt

INR 2170

The Virgin Mary Tree  is one of the holiest objects for chiristians and attracts thusands of pilgrims on the eve of Christmas here.This is located in El-Mataria district of Cairo.Cairo.The place is remebered as a significant stoppage in the

Coptic Museum Cairo, Egypt

INR 1470

Coptic Museum in Egypt has a long is believed to be founded by Parsian and then taken care by Romans.Since then there has been made many renovations to make it amazingly beautiful today.Beautiful stones and historically connected port

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