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Temple of Isis (Philae Temple) Aswan, Egypt

INR 6370

The beautiful temple is dedicated to Isis,the Goddess of ancient Egypt.This was built by Ptolemy II.Gate of Ptolemy,pylon,colonnade and stereorooms,sanctuary of Isis,temple of Horus,Hadrian's gate and Birth House compose the main attractions

The High Dam Aswan, Egypt

INR 1470

Now let us move toward some modern day acrhitectures.The High Dam also known as Aswan High dam is built on the Nile river.The dam is about 111 meter in height and 3830 meterlong.The dam water is distributed between Egypt and Sudan as per a mutua

Nubian Museum Aswan, Egypt

INR 1470

This beautiful museum showcases a very rare and antique colletion of various object belonging from the last chapters of Old kingdom to New Egypt Kingdom.The museum itself is so magnificient from architectural point of view.Each item is kept with

Nubian Village by Boat Aswan, Egypt

INR 2870

Undoubtedly,it is pleasant experience to visit the villages around Aswan,popularly known as Nubian villages.These are particularly famous   for the  houses here,  which are so beautifully colored and decorated and of course t