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The Catacombs of Kom el-Shouqafa Alexandria, Egypt

INR 1820

The place was built with the purpose of pharaonic funeral cults.The spiral staircased entry leads to the rotunda having a beautiful well down the levels.The pillars decorated with beautiful leaves and the artistic human statues just take the bea

The Memorial Of Diocletian (The Pompeii Pillar) Alexandria, Egypt

INR 1820

This is a 30 meter high marble coloumn standing since the ancient times.The classical design on the top of this historical pillar gives it an magnificient look.It is believed to be a servived portion of a beautiful fort dedicated to roman empero

The Castle of Qaitbay Alexandria, Egypt

INR 1820

The enormously beautiful fortress was built by Sultan Qaitbey.The citadel was believed to be one of the seven wonders of the world of ancient times.Situated along the coast of Mediterranean sea makes it look so magnificient.The current building

Alexandria National Museum Alexandria, Egypt

INR 1820

Alexandria National Museum contains a beautiful collection of the ancient as well as modern day antique obejcts of Alexandriya city.The museum is inside a beautiful three floor building,with each floor from bottom to top displays the antiquity o

The Jewellery Museum of Mohamed Ali Alexandria, Egypt

INR 1820

The museum displays a collection of more than eleven thousand antique items made of bronze,silver,gold,diamond and other precious stones.All these precious collection belongs to the Mohammad Ali,the founder of modern egypt.The collection consist

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